Hello, My name is Sara Curtis and I am a qualified and experienced coach.

During my career, I have coached many people from all walks of life to achieve their goals through open, honest and supportive dialogue.  I hope that I can help you too.

A little bit about me….

I have had many challenges to deal with in my life Separation, divorce, redundancy, redeployment, illness and financial setbacks all whilst trying to juggle a demanding career with being a single mother of three!!

At times I felt I was drowning, trapped and isolated trying to do it all and feeling so exhausted mentally and physically that I was getting nowhere.

Through coaching I was able to re-establish my own goals and prioritise between what I wanted to do and what was important.

Coaching gave me a much needed confidence boost and a determination to succeed.

I believed in ‘me’ once again and my abilities, with the help of a coach I was able to re-engage with what I wanted and what I could be. I was able to set clear goals and step by step I became motivated to achieve them.

Using my experience and skills I employ various techniques to help remove those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and give you the support to succeed and move forward.

Areas I can help with include:

Career Coaching

  • Career changes,
  • CV Support
  • Interview skills,
  • Confidence building

Financial Coaching

  • Debt Management

Executive Coaching

  • Coaching Staff
  • Sales Coaching

Personal Coaching

  • Life after divorce
  • Life/Work Balance

This list is not exhaustive, basically any area of your life you want to change I will help you make that change.

About Empower Coaching

Empower Coaching came after I became qualified and wanted to help others. I have coached many people from all walks of life to achieve their goals through open, honest and supportive dialogue. I will be able to help YOU achieve what you what and fulfil your potential.

What makes me different?

I will work with you on a one-to-one basis, usually over the telephone or via Skype. We will agree priorities and actions which we will review to ensure you are on track to meeting your goals. I will provide unlimited text/email support to keep you focused
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